by alessandro alberi

The Art of Lutherie   


from Bogotá, Colombia, Alessandro´s workshop covered in sawdust, where he dedicates his time to giving life to musical instruments that are part of a collection of the most coveted violins in the United States.
David Brewer Fine Violins, specialize in the acquisition, sale, restoration, and evaluation of high quality violins. Along with a team of experts that manage the complexity of the violin market an international distributor that is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They hold one of the most important and most representative pieces of Alessandro Alberi's work.
As Mozart did with music, Alberi acquired his skill of transforming a piece of wood into a piece of art from a young age.
This young luthier has manufactured violas that were the main prize of the first International Viola Competition of the Premier Orchestral Institute.
Another one of his instruments can be found at the Aspen Music Festival, in the hands of the brilliant student, Dragana Loncar.

In 2017 the violinist and violist, Bela Horvath, performed during the Heifetz PEG showcase with an Alberi instrument.

In the state of Mississippi, one of the members of the famous gospel group "The Foto Sisters" performs their songs with a beautiful Alberi viola.
The arts of music and craft live together in this conspicuous luthier's workshop, where he composes masterful pieces of art that resemble great creators of string instruments around the world.
Musicians walk out of his workshop with instruments that are now unrecognizable, due to the ineffable improvement in their sound.
There is no need to speak, but only to listen in order to witness such prodigious hands that have accompanied the most beautiful compositions.

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The Art of Lutherie workshop​
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